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Hey guys !

I was working on a small film lately and the client ask us to subtitle it in Arabic for his clients. Well, if you ever did some subtitles in Premiere Pro, you must certainly know that it is quite repetitive. Title after title you just synch it and, if you have the right font, you can do it every kind of language except those written from right to left.

If you tried you must reckon that all your writings and Copy/Pasting don’t change the fact that every sentence is mirrored. And that’s because Premiere Pro doesn’t support right to left writing.

So how to write in the right way ? I’m pretty sure you tried to go by Photoshop or other Gimp to create alpha images with your subtitles that you simply put on top of your rushes. But isn’t it a bit hardcore and certainly non-editable unless you open Photoshop again?

So here is the way !

First you take your text from your favorite Text-editor ! You have it ? Copy it ! Open your favorite explorer and go to Arabic Writer

On this site you simply paste it in the block on the right side. Click on Process input and the same text will be mirrored on the left block ! Select it from right to left and copy it !
Now you can paste it in your Title editor in Premiere Pro ! The sentence will be mirrored back !

There you go !